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Why Organic? As both a grower and supplier of organic products, Cornelio knows how important it is to protect every stage of the organic process, from the growing of plants through to the processing and packaging of the product.  Since Cornelio became organic 12 years ago we have seen the organic industry go from strength to strength. Cornelio believes that organic is the way of the future. More and more, consumers are demanding products that are free from traces of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers.

Who Controls your Organic Quality? Cornelio’s organic certification is undertaken by the CAAE in Andalusia, the largest certification body in the region. The CAAE is a non-profit organization overseen by the Junta de Andalucia and accredited by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements).

How long has your farm been Organically certified? Cornelio was first awarded with organic certification in Spain by the CAAE in 1998 and our farm is re-certified each year.

What happens when you have new products? New organic products from Cornelio are individually reviewed by the CAAE and once approved, are added onto the Cornelio organic certificate.

How do consumers know where it comes from? We take our organic certification very seriously and we have implemented strict traceability procedures for both our own products and if purchasing product from other growers. This way our clients can always know as much as possible about the product they are buying.

How can we see your certification? Cornelio now have an impressive list of certified organic products, and can provide a copy of the CAAE organic certificate, to every client upon request. Cornelio’s organic certification number is: 003546. Click here to view our certifications
What are your organic principles?

To uphold the organic standards held by our certifiers the CAAE.

To promote and support other organic growers by purchasing organic products at a fair price.

To grow the best organic product possible.

Cornelio’s farming methods and processing equipment maximize the use of renewable fuel resources.

We do try to co-operate and collaborate with other fully-certified Organic farmers as much as possible. Cornelio provides an "umbrella" for a select group of experienced and trusted organic farmers to pack and label their products under the "Cornelio Associate" label. We personally oversee and guarantee the production and distribution of these associated products.

What is organic certification? Organic certification refers to the EU and international guidelines which producers and marketers must adhere to when selling as organic - products such as food, personal care, textiles etc. These standards dictate that pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers must not be used in the growing or processing of these products. The implementation of these guidelines protects both the organic producer and consumer.

What does traceability mean? Traceability is the term used to refer to the ability to ‘trace’ the origin of an organic product right back to source. This means that buyers can be confident of purchasing a 100% organic product - that the product has been grown and processed to certified organic standards.

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