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Organic Products from Cornelio and its partner farms.

Cortijo Cornelio works in partnership with 60 other certified organic farmers throughout Andalucia. Between us we produce some of the finest organic products in the world, including olives, olive oil, fresh and dried fruits, cheeses and Iberico hams, dried culinary, aromatic and medicinal herbs, spices, jams, conserves, patés, caviar, rice, pulses, flour, sugars, teas & infusions, and honey. We also produce organic aromatics such as organic lavender, soaps, and wild essential oils.

All our products are fully certified, hand-made and  guaranteed single estate. We work together to give our customers the freshest, highest quality products with total traceability and a guarantee of 100% organic origin.
Here are just a few examples. If you would like to see more of our products and those of our organic friends, you can visit our shops.
Organic Almonds

Cornelio is blessed with some extremely old trees, including some huge, ancient Almond trees. We grow mostly traditional almond varieties and they are delicious! We have some 3000 trees and produce and sell our air-dried almonds, in bulk and in retail packaging (0.25 Kg and 0.5 Kg in organic cotton sacks).

Green Almonds

Eating immature almonds (sometimes called fresh almonds) is very popular in many parts of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. They are harvested when they are still green and produce a soft, white very nutty immature centre, which has recently become very desirable in the noveau cuisine. However, they have a very short season and we harvest only to order. If you need green almonds, you need to order (by email) in March, or April to guarantee your order. They are exquisite!
Organic Culinary Herbs and Spices

Cortijo Cornelio has a wealth of wild herbs and also works together with other certified organic farmers to bring you the finest quality collection of over 100 dried kitchen herbs. These include Oregano, Thyme, Anis seed, Peppermint, Spearmint, common Mint, Bean herb, Rosemary, Lavender, Bay leaf, Sage and many, many more. All our herbs are available in kitchen quantities and in bulk, catering quantities. Cornelio's herbs are prepared on the farm and dried in  the dark in our 2 drying towers in the traditional way to retain maximum taste, aroma and colour. All our herbs are packed in Bio-packaging.

In addition to our full range of herbs we also produce a full range of organic spices in domestic quantities and packed in bulk for catering use. For more information visit our Organic Herb Shop

Olive Oils

Of course, Andalucia is the home of olive oil. The best oils in the world come from here and Andalucia has been exporting its olive oil since the Romans started to bring it home 2000 years ago. Even today, Italy still imports enormous quantities of Spanish olives to fill its designer bottles of oil. But, for the real thing, Andalucia is unsurpassed.

We work with 4 organic producers in Málaga and Cadiz province, producing rather different types of oil. Two of our colleagues are "single estate" producers, which means the oil comes only from their own harvest and is produced on the farm. These are the most exclusive of olive oils and can even be blended to taste (with prior notice). We also work with 2 small organic cooperatives which have excellent oils and have won several national awards for the quality of their cold pressed extra virgin oils. Whether you prefer sweet "olive juice" or the more bitter salad varieties, we have an excellent olive oil to suit your tastes.

Organic Teas, Infusions and Tisanes

Cortijo Cornelio produces an exclusive and a traditional range of organic herbal teas, infusions and tisanes - both single ingredient and blends (designed by our tea and infusion designers Honestly Tea). All of our herbal tea products are available in consumer and bulk catering quantities. Included in our range you will find Lemon Verbena, Chamomile Flower, Olive Leaf blends, Ginger, Licorice, Raspberry leaf, Hibiscus flower, Linden flower, Lemon, Mint, Lavender and many more ingredients.

We also blend traditional organic Indian and Chineese teas, with and without herbs and spices, and, of course, we have the old favourites like Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Imperial White Tea, Rooibos, Rock Tea, Pu- Err and many, many more.

Wild Aromatics

Because of its geographical location, Cornelio is blessed with significant amounts of wild aromatic herbs like wild Fennel, Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Andalus Thyme, Myrtle etc.  We air dry and package these herbs for culinary purposes (some of which are also used for medicinal purposes) and we also work together with a producer of organic essential oils:

Our colleagues "Pata de Oca", produce a range of wild aromatic essential oils for use in culinary, cosmetic and aromatherapy applications. Their product range is absolutely unique because most of their oils are from totally wild sources, harvested under licence from the Ministry of Environment in the national parks of the Sierra Nevada. The products are unqiue to Andalucia and their aromas are heavenly!
Organic Iberico Acorn-fed Ham

Iberico Bellota ham is a world famous delicay, with its unique nutty flavour. The Iberico pig is semi wild, and it is quite unique to the huge Oak forests (Dehesa) of Spain and Portugal. The pig is also vitally important to the preservation of these forests because true Iberico ham comes only from pigs that feed on the acorns (bellotas) and wild herbs that grow in these ancient forests.

Cortijo Cornelio works together with one of Spains most prestigious Organic Iberico dehesa farms in Huelva to bring you this most exquisite organic gournet product (EU. shipping only). Organic Gourmet Shop

Organic Goats Cheese and herbs in Olive Oil

This traditional handmade cheese won the "Best Organic Cheese in Spain" award in 2009 and was awarded the Gold medal at the International Goats Cheese Congress (Fromagora) in Italy in 2007. This 100% Organic product is made with pure goats milk (pasteurised), and a subtle mixture of garlic, thyme, tomato, peppers, basil, onion, chilli and salt and packed in Organic extra virgin olive oil. It is simply the best organic herbal goats cheese in Spain! But it is just one of a delicious range of cheeses from Finca La Cabra Verde. This small producer has a wonderful range of cheeses and yoghurts. See more in our Organic Gourmet shop.
Honey and pollen

Cortijo Cornelio is in Colmenar. Colmenar means "beehive" and the whole area of the Montes of Malaga has been famous for its bees and honey for centuries. Colmenar houses a nationally important Honey museum and a vibrant honey industry.  Cornelio houses some 60 beehives which produce excellent multi-floral and mono-floral organic honeys and the bees wonderfully compliment our herb and almond production with their valuable pollination. Our neighbours and organic colleagues manage these beehives and also several hundreds more beehives situated in the Nature Reserve of the Montes de Malaga, the Sierra de las Nieves. The types of honey produced include Thyme, Eucalyptus, Forest honey, Orange Blossom, Wild flowers, Avocado, Rosemary and more.

Dried Fruit and Nuts

The whole of Andalucia is rich in fruit but, of course, this all tends to arrive at the same time. Figs are especially frustrating because fresh figs last only a day but they arrive in tonnes on the tree! Traditionally excess production of fruit is dried for storage but many of these traditional products develop a unique concentrated taste when dried and also preserve their nutritional value very well in the gentle conditions of natural drying.  From our own production and our organic neighbours here, we pack sun-dried tomatoes, red peppers from Granada, chillis from Málaga province, Figs from the Alpujarras mountains, local almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, apricots, prunes, raisins, currants and much more.  We have Organic carob (the nutricious chocolate substitute, made famous by John the Baptist) and (in season) we have delicious bellota edible acorns. All fully certified as organic.
And what else?

Well....... A lot more, I don't have space to mention. We have award winning organic wines from Western Málaga..... We have the most amazing variety of table olives, olive patés........ We have organic caviar from the Rio Frio (cold river) in the high sierras of Granada, we have jams and conserves from a cooperative in the Sierra de las Nieves (the mountains of Snow), we have soaps made from organic beeswax and organic olive oil and herbs, we have organic pulses and rices, many fair-trade products. In Andalucia, we are blessed with have a wealth of natural products...... certified as organic. Visit our shops or send an email if you would like more information.
A Herb garden in Cornelio
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