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Technical Services

Organic food production is, of course, even more complex and involves another level of control above and beyond normal food hygiene controls. Issues of absolute traceability are paramount and essential for the consumer and the integrity of the industry. However, this does add an enormous administrative burden to the food producer, the organic restaurant, shop, wholesaler and, of course the organic farmer.

We have been fortunate, in Cortijo Cornelio, during our years as a certified organic farm and industry, to have developed alongside the new hygiene and organic traceability controls and we have gained some useful practical and technical knowledge of small-scale organic food production.

Very often we are asked to help and advise our "organic" colleagues, especially those just entering the sector for the first time. And so.... in the last 2 years we decided to formalise this advice, so that now, we can offer our assistance in a more structured, practical way, in several areas where we feel we are particularly qualified.

In the last 2 years, we have developed a full-scale, feature rich, enterprise grade, Oracle-based system called BioTrack, based on a "cloud computing" model, with the benefit of 30 years of IT design and development experience.

Bio-TRACK provides a complete system of farm accounting, traceability, quality control, document-storage and tracking, invoicing, order management, HACCP creation and management (water, hygiene, pest-control, maintenance, training), food testing, quality assurance, stock-control, and customer management for use by organic farms, organic wholesalers, organic food processors, organic restaurants and organic shops. It provides for remote inspection by health inspectors, organic inspectors and your book-keeper / accountant and an automatic alert system to remind you of your regulatory and accounting obligations.

Bio-TRACK runs across a secure network via the internet which means you have nothing to install on your PC. It is (deliberately) low-cost and an ideal solution for the small producer. You simply register and logon.

Bio-TRACK is a new concept, in which we provide "big-business software systems" to small producers at a low cost, to allow the small producer to manage the disproportionate level of controls and administration associated with food production.

We run 3 servers (1 active, 2 fail-over) here in Cornelio, with a high-reliability, high-speed, microwave synchronous uplink,  and we currently host a small number of our local collegiate Organic producers as beta users.

We have current capacity for over 1000 organic enterprises, and we will add further capacity on demand, without limit.

Costs are deliberately flexible. Very small producers pay a very small monthly fee for access to the full Bio-TRACK service. Producers with higher volumes of transactions pay more (see the Bio-TRACK website for details).

In all cases, we are convinced that Bio-TRACK represents a cost effective means of managing your organic food industry in an efficient and secure way with zero capital investment.

If you are an organic producer and the concept of finally getting control of your own data interests you, feel free to contact us for a free trial of Bio-TRACK and more details: ecotracksystems.com

Food production has become a much more complex industry in the last 20 years. Increasingly stringent regulatory controls and a rising volume of paperwork has made for a difficult operating environment for the small food producer, the "cottage industry". 

This does not mean that we always charge for our services, indeed, we very often do not charge small producers for our time and technical services. Our motives are primarily the promotion of the organic industry.

The areas in which we provide specialized organic food production consultancy services are as follows:

- Organic registration and certification regimes
- Health registation,  certification and HACCP implementation in organic industries
- Bio-packaging sourcing and decision making
- Internet marketing
- Using IT in the organic industry (Bio-Track)

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