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Quality Fine Food:  Our total commitment is to the production of fine organic food of unsurpassable quality and the defense of our human and natural environment.

Certified Organic:  Cornelio has been certified since 1999 and was one of the first farms in Andalucía to be certified by CAAE. The farm is inspected twice annually and regular samples of its produce are analysed by CAAE.

Accountability: Every single product originating in Cortijo Cornelio is individually labelled and stamped with its date, the location of its harvest, when it was harvested / packed, and by whom. We employ a state of the art database system for managing traceability internally and from our outside suppliers and for continuous quality assurance and environmental monitoring.

Hand-made Food: At Cortijo Cornelio we are interested in creating exclusive high-quality products. Everything we produce is harvested by hand and prepared for sale by hand. This ensures that Cornelio products are of the finest quality, harvested, prepared with personal care.

Certified Organic by
We are totally commited to the organic integrity of our farm and un-certified agricultural inputs from outside the farm are NOT permitted. We do not process any non-organic products. Our CAAE Organic Certification nr is 003546.

Sustainability: As part of a program of improving the farm's sustainability, Cornelio collects most of its water reserves from rainfall in the winter. It also recycles all of its waste water for re-use in non-food production areas for its annual tree planting program. Every year we plant over 1000 indigenous trees in non-productive areas of the farm in an effort to maintain  and improve biodiversity and negate our CO2 output.

Bio-Packaging:  We don't believe in packaging organic food in conventional plastic. Therefore all our products are packaged in paper, recycled glass, organic cotton, cellulose, or compostable PLA (looks like plastic but it is made from sugar cane waste).
Quality Assurance: We are fully inscribed in the general registry of food industries in Spain, which means that our production facilities are subject to the full HACCP regime for the control of food production. We work together with our inspectors and a local food laboratory to maintain a system of continuous quality and food safety monitoring.

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